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Free to air is the new hot selling satellite equipment!

What is free to air satellite?
Free To Air satellite is a term used to describe satellite signals which you can legally receive without a subscription. As the name implies, there are hundreds of Television and Radio Channels available for FREE; with more new Channels being added each month!
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Featured Items
10-DeviceUniversal Learning Remote with RF Link
10-Device Universal Learning Remote with Radio control Receiver

Controls AV components through walls, different rooms, indoors and outdoors with RF frequencies
10 different components can be programmed
Pre-programmed and learning feature
Over 1,000 built-in codes for easy programming
Create custom text labels on the expanded LCD screen
Learning capabilities: 720 IR commands at standard frequencies 15kHz-100kHz
Instantly access up to 40 favorite channels with the press of one button
Works indoors or outdoors with the MRF-100B RF receiver and which picks up RF signals through walls, doors and floor
Out-of-sight signals picked up from up to 100' away
Includes MRF-100B RF receiver and 2 AA battteries
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Acustic Reasearch 7-Outlet Power conditioner with Surge Protection
Acustic Reasearch 7-Outlet Power conditioner with Surge Protection and Pure Current Circuitry.
Purifies the electric current by absorbing EMI and RFI noise. Only filtered power enters your equipment, allowing it to achieve the level of performance you paid for
Identifies proper grounding of an electrical outlet.
Surge Protection OK Indicator/Audible Alarm
After this product has absorbed the maximum amount of voltage - during a lightning strike for example - the Surge Protection OK light will go off indicating that the unit is no longer able to protect your equipment. Additionally, an Audible Alarm will sound to notify you that the unit needs to be replaced
Special purchase, limited quantity
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c-band LNB
High quality Digital C-BAND LNB works on analog or digital systems. 13K Deg SLT - Super Low Noise Temperature Technology.
Special purchase, limited quantity
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Philips Universal Digital Learning Remote
Philips Digital Learning Remote.
This remote will run a TiVo
Operates TV, VCR, DVD, cable, satellite and CD.
Learns functions from existing IR remotes

Special purchase, limited quantity
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SG2100 DiSEqC 1.2
Ku satellite motor

The SG2100 is the most reliable Ku satellite motorized dish mover on the market. Surf satellites from East to West. Can move up to a 1.2m (47.5 inch) dish. Run by LNB coax no extra wiring required.
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SF-95 satellite signal meter Click here for more info
The SF-95 is a satellite finder that helps to make precise dish set-up easy with variable audio tone signal indicator and adjustable sensitivity meter with meter light.
0.2 dB 950 to 2050MHz.
The SF-95 satellite signal meter is a giant when it comes to performance but it is small in size and weight.
No batteries needed powered by LNB power.
On sale now for
New SF-95 now in stock.

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